Non Surgical Procedures

CHICING Aesthetic Medical & Surgery Center

Non Surgical Cosmetic Medicine

Laser|Ultherapy|Injectable Fillers

Skin Treatment

Laser for Hyperpigmentation|Hair Removal|Skin Rejuvenation|Skin Resurfacing

Medical Aesthetic Device

IPL|Discovery Pico|CO2 Laser|Nd-YAG Laser|Alexandrite Laser|Ultherapy

Injectable  Filler Treatment

Injectable fillers can provide natural-looking enhancements to help you feel more confident in your appearance.

Injectable Fillers

HA Dermal Fillers|Radiesse Dermal Fillers|Sculptra Injection|Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Botox, Dysport)

Service Procedures

Online Consultation

Our professional nursing consultant can provide online consultation. They will be able to provide introduction and explanation to the surgical & non-surgical procedure. (Contact platform)

Make an Appointment

  • Accept treatment to be perform on the consultation day, therefore client will only need to come in once during his or her travels in Taiwan.
  • Appointment booking:
    • Group appointment: Please complete appointment booking with us 2 weeks prior to the flight date.
    • Individual appointment: Please complete the appointment booking with us 1 week prior to his or her flight to Taiwan.

Consultation & Evaluation

After assess client’s physical condition, the doctor/surgeon will identify the treatment options and finalized the treatment quote.


  • Consultation fee: NTD300
  • Again our surgeon/doctor will final the treatment suggestion and treatment quote after a face to face consultation session with the client. (Previous online consultation phase can only provide an overview to treatment suggestion and quote charge range.)


Treatment can be performed on the same day, or client can make an appointment to return for the treatment on another day

Return Checkup

  • Usually there is no requirement on client to revisit the clinic after the non-surgical treatment. Please follow instructions given by the doctor.
  • Client can arrange sightseeing or continue to travel after the treatment.

Postoperative Care

  • Our nurse (Registered Professional Nurse) will provide care instruction.
  • After returning home, our nursing consultant can continue to provide online consultation if needed.


For free online consultation or to schedule an appointment, please send us message with your photos ( face or body, with different angles, include: front side, 45°and 90° ). We do offer contact platform: wechat, LINE@, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and E-mail.